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      ?ANTI-BLOCKING Agents

      Synthetic silica gels such as SYLOBLOC? silica are highly efficient "anti-blocking" agents to prevent layers of polymer or plastic films from sticking together. They are available as physical blends, integrated or melt-in grades, and pelletized silica blends. SYLOBLOC? silicas can also be used as specialty plastic additives for plate out protection, pigment dispersion, mold release, and carriers for liquids.


      SYLOWHITE? MB 220 titanium dioxide extender (TiO2) is an amorphous synthetic product designed to deliver enhanced TiO2 extender performance in plastic applications. Its intrinsic chemical purity and optical properties (high L value and low b value) helps to reduce or eliminate the crowding effects ensuring an efficient use of TiO2. This is crucial to guarantee process efficiency and optimum economics. 

      See how SYLOWHITE? MB 220 titanium dioxide extender may help achieve a more efficient and cost-effective use of titanium dioxide in our Technical Data Sheet.

      Polyolefin Catalysts

      UNIPOL? PP Process Technology is defined by simplicity.  An all gas-phase technology based on a fluidized bed reactor system, UNIPOL? PP is designed to have fewer moving parts and less equipment than any competing technology.

      The core facility has the smallest footprint in the industry, about 60 meters by 65 meters, and includes operations for purification, reaction, purging, vent recovery, additive addition, and pelleting.?

      ?Rubber & Tire Additives

      Grace PERKASIL? precipitated silicas are widely used in a variety of synthetic rubber applications including tires, technical rubber, footwear, and silicone rubber. They act as reinforcing fillers to achieve the desired properties for the finished product.?