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      General Industrial


      ?Grace? Metakaolin



      Grace's metakaolin is manufactured at the Grace site in Aiken, South Carolina, USA where the raw material, Kaolin clay is mined and subsequently thermally activated through a highly controlled calcination process. Grace's metakaolin manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

      Typical Applications

      • Zeolites
      • Ceramics
      • Refractories
      • Grouts and Mortars
      • Geopolymers
      • Supplemental Cementitious Material for cement
      • Concrete Admixtures


      ??Physical Form?Fine Powder
      ?Chemical Structure?Amorphous Aluminosilicate
      ??Special Modifications?Dehydroxylated (Calcined) Kaolin
      ?Specific Gravity?2.6
      ?Bulk Density, Tamped @ 20°C?500 kg/m3
      ?Average Particle Size?5 μm
      ?Surface Area??22 m2/gm
      Screen Residue, 325 mesh??10
      ?Oil Absorption?75
      Moisture @ 105°C??0.5%

      *Typical properties should not be used for specification purposes.

      Flexible Packaging Options

      • 40 lb bags (repulpable bags available)
      • super sacks
      • bulk truck
      • bulk railcar