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      General Industrial


      ?Functional ?Paper Additives??


      Paper Frictionizing

      LUDOX? colloidal silica can be applied as a clear surface treatment on paper and linerboard products to increase their coefficients of friction. This results in a surface with improved antiskid or antislip properties. Paper rolls are less susceptible to telescoping and paper sheets move through transport rollers more easily. 

      Boxes and corrugated sheets are less susceptible to slipping and sliding during transportation and in storage and the smooth, evenly distributed coating will enhance printing on boxes. Typical products that can benefit from frictionizing treatment include corrugated sheets and boxes, linerboard paper, photocopier papers, and recycled papers.While a number of colloidal silica grades may have possible utility, LUDOX? CL-P and CL-X have been specially formulated to give superior performance and easy cleanup from coating machine surfaces.

      • Invisible surface treatment
      • Easy cleanup
      • Excellent slide angle performance
      • Good friction retention
      • No agitation required
      • Economical with high dilutions
      • Enhanced printing

      Paper Retention and Drainage

      LUDOX? colloidal silica can be used as one component of microparticle retention systems in the "wet end" of paper manufacturing. 

      Typically, a high surface area colloidal silica is used with a cationic starch, poly-acrylamide, or other cationic polymer to flocculate cellulosic fibers for use in the papermaking process. An optimized process will result in higher retention of fiber and improved water drainage on the web.?

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